Women for Jesus is a ministry that empowers women to live for Christ and inspires women to speak for Christ. It is made of females who have received insight and as a result have developed character and discovered their God ordained purpose through their passion for Christ. In so doing the women exert positive influence in their families, society and nation through their walk with God, in the spirit of unity to bring out that innate quality and instinct to tend to others and be a blessing. In the light of the forgoing WFJ also focuses on building women to form a power house where women can come together find a solid support system, safely incubate their love for God, ideas, self-worth and passion. Women for Jesus journey together with purpose, passion and strategy to take their rightful place in society and be fulfilled in their callings.

Women for Jesus  have  powerful prayer warriors. They are constantly and persistently praying and interceding for many. We always witness many captives delivered by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

Our prayer team is greatly equipped and anointed by God. We love to dance and praise God; we’ve always experienced the great move of God whenever we dance unto Him; yokes are broken, many are delivered from satanic bondages. We reach out by writing and sharing gospel tracts, and doing personal evangelism. 

We organize women’s retreats yearly. In these retreats, including many other topics,  women are taught how to care for their homes, as virtuous women; and also child upbringing in line with God’s word. Keeping home and family is a very vital occupation for every woman.

We organize an annual Women for Jesus Conference  during which time we invite other great servants of God , to minister and strengthen in the faith, as many as attend.  We give financial support to other ministries, to needy children, and we support Israel.

Women for Jesus is an arm of the River of Life Assemblies Int’l.