River of Life Assemblies Int’l is a dynamic, Multi- Cultural and nondenominational church, where praise is exuberant, prayer is steadfast and the preaching of the Word of God is practical and un-compromised.

River of Life Assemblies Int’l  was started in Greenbelt, Maryland in August of 2002 with its first meeting (Bible Study and Prayer) held in the living room of Pastor Forlu’s residence. This meeting was attended by members of the Pastor Forlu’s household (7 persons). In September

of 2002, the church held its first Sunday worship service in the basement of Pastor Forlu’s residence with 18 people in attendance. In March 2003, the church moved to its Berwyn Heights location which currently accommodates the mid-week meetings and various mid-week group activities of the church. Having outgrown the seating capacity of the Greenbelt location for our Sunday Worship Services, the River of Life Assemblies Int’l currently has a beautiful location where all services are held.


River of Life Assemblies Int’l  has been established by the Lord at such a time as this to proclaim the uncompromised glorious gospel of our blessed God to all people by all means; to help people from all walks of life to be rooted and grounded in the Word of God; to raise an army that defy and debase Satan and his cohorts and all their challenges by standing upon the Word of God and pinning faith solely on Jesus Christ and His Cross. For with God all things are possible.
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